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Bonadio Partners with Hyperproof on Internal Controls

February 7, 2022 by Courtney Caryl | CCSFP, CHQP

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The Bonadio Group and their cybersecurity division FoxPointe Solutions highly recommends and encourages that our customers invest in an ongoing compliance solution that can help support its company’s internal controls and compliance requirements before an internal audit is performed by an independent third-party.

Not only does an effective and valuable ongoing compliance solution provide companies with an understanding of the compliance requirements that they must adhere to, but it should also provide a mechanism to manage internal controls and to define an ideal level of compliance processes and workflows. Without an ongoing compliance solution that has the ability to automatically monitor and report on a company’s compliance posture at any given point in time, companies are unable to have an idea of where they are going to stand when undergoing an audit.

Therefore, FoxPointe Solutions has taken the initiative to partner with a third-party company, Hyperproof gives our customers an outlook on implementing best-in-class security compliance frameworks, data privacy programs, and regulatory compliance programs, while at the same time utilizing the product for our attestation procedures.

With Hyperproof, companies have the ability to manage all program requirements, internal controls, and evidence (also referred to as proof within Hyperproof) in one place. In addition, Hyperproof integrates with dozens of services across cloud storage, project management, communications, cloud infrastructure, DevOps, security, and business applications so that compliance work can fit seamlessly into a companies’ existing business processes and workflow. For more information on what Hyperproof has to offer and how it can be a vital ongoing compliance solution to invest in for your company, please visit: Security and Compliance Toolkit for SMBs.