IT Consulting Services

Expert IT Consulting Services Managing Risk and Improving Performance

Providing expert and valuable advice with regards to IT risk management is critical to helping an organization understand and effectively manage risks and improve performance through information security planning. We provide a variety of general information security consulting and IT attestation services that best fits your industry needs.

General IT Consulting Services:

it consulting services

We will work with you to assess the type of environment that best fits your industry and use case, ranging from distributed ledgers, to permissioned blockchains, to hybrid solutions, to permission-less blockchain.

it consulting

FoxPointe’s information security planning consultants provide a starting point to strengthen its overall security posture and/or to meet state and federal regulations for cybersecurity through a documented plan.

it consulting services

ERP software allows cross-department data visibility and ensures a single source of truth for business operations: orders, production, supplier and vendor management, and financial management. We can assist with ERP implementation.

Cyber Incident Response Plan

FoxPointe Solutions Cyber Security Incident Response Tabletop Exercise Services lead clients through a simulated real-world situation led by a facilitator. Participants react to events as they unfold in a classroom setting to learn how to respond quickly and effectively.

it audit consulting

The backbone of an organization’s information security program is establishing robust policies and procedures, then following them. This is the first step in creating an information security centric culture.

compliance services

We have solutions that allow your organization to comply with complex laws such as the GDPR, without investing in the cost of dedicated privacy professionals, tools, and oversight. You can choose to leave it to us. Privacy reviews include privacy impact assessment, data inventory, privacy program assessment and more.

edf assesment

A highly specialized assessment that provides a detailed online profile of an individual and his or her family. Our analysts pull as much information as possible to create an accurate snapshot of the client’s online presence to address security risks and protect the individual.

it consulting services

Our team of highly skilled forensic examiners are trained to perform in-depth interviews, forensic testing and data analysis to assist you in identifying and quantifying fraud in your organization.