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Knowledgeable Healthcare Compliance Consulting

HIPAA Compliance is an increasingly complex process as laws and regulations continue to evolve and the information security landscape becomes more complicated. Ongoing HIPAA breach risk assessment is a key component of HIPAA compliance. Our team of healthcare compliance and HIPAA security risk assessment experts continuously hone their knowledge base to stay on top of regulation and information technology changes in the healthcare industry. We will work with you to effectively navigate the environment and assist in ensuring not only HIPAA compliance, but the security of your invaluable healthcare information as well.

We Go Beyond What’s Simply Required

Our consultants go beyond the “minimum requirements”. We tailor each HIPAA security audit to the unique services, needs, and requests of our clients. All of our observations, recommendations, and mitigation suggestions are handcrafted for each HIPAA assessment based on the size, complexity, and capabilities of your organization.

HIPAA Risk Assessment

Our HIPAA breach risk assessment process surpasses what is required under the HIPAA Rules. We, like you, want to do everything we can to protect the information of the individuals you serve. During our HIPAA security risk assessment process, we will:

  • Evaluate the expectations set forth in the HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Breach Rules, in addition to the HITECH and Omnibus Rules
  • Perform interviews of staff to understand process workflows and how ePHI flows through the organization (including where it is stored, sent, etc.)
  • Perform a comprehensive review of your organization’s documentation, such as policies and procedures, in place
  • Utilize a proprietary risk matrix to assess risk for all components and specifications of the Rules, as well as other information security controls based on our expertise
  • Deliver a remediation matrix that includes detailed recommendations for each area assessed

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

"We were in need of a security officer who would understand our complex needs, help us troubleshoot and address areas of organizational risk in the technological arena, and instill the confidence that our systems and information were as secure as possible.  The improvements in our security and the mitigation of risk were immediately appreciated. 
Carl is an excellent partner, always honest and transparent regarding areas in need of improvement and provides essential professional guidance to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. 

I highly recommend FoxPointe for other organizations that want to ensure compliance and security with their Information Technology systems."


Cindy Lee
CEO, OLV Human Services
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