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The Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance

The HITRUST Alliance was founded in 2007 and helps provide programs that safeguard sensitive information and assist with risk management and compliance objectives by collaborating with public and private sector leaders to help drive programs through common frameworks that can be used by many different organizations and industries.  The foundation of all HITRUST programs is the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF), a certifiable framework that provides organizations with a comprehensive and flexible approach to security, privacy, and regulatory challenges and risk management through its ‘assess once, report many’ model.


HITRUST for Specific Regulations &
Standards Compliance

As regulations and compliance standards got more rigorous and complex, the HITRUST was founded to provide assessment and certification programs and create a CSF that addresses the multitude of security and privacy challenges facing organizations that need to achieve compliance in their industry-specific regulations and standards.  Compliance can be complex and time consuming. Preserve your resource and contact FoxPointe - you’ll have the confidence that industry leading security experts have got you covered.

Security Expertise with the Best Approach

FoxPointe partners with The Bonadio Group, one of the leading authorized CSF Assessor Firms, to ensure that our Risk Management team is equipped and up to date skills, training, and the certifications necessary to handle the ever-changing security and privacy landscape.  Certified Common Security Framework Practitioners (CCSFP) will provide leading expertise on the best approach to the HITRUST CSF as it applies to your industry and protecting your critical business data.

HITRUST Compliance Services

FoxPointe partnering with The Bonadio Group, a CSF Assessor Firm, will provide a variety of HITRUST CSF assessment types and services to satisfy your specific needs and requirements. Assessment types include:

  • CSF Security Assessment
  • CSF Security and Privacy Assessment
  • CSF Comprehensive Security Assessment
  • CSF Comprehensive Security and Privacy Assessment
  • NIST Cybersecurity Assessment (included)

Our HITRUST certified practitioners work with clients in these areas as part of a HITRUST CSF Self-Assessment or HITRUST CSF Validated Assessment (Certification) to ensure that your organization completes the proper assessment, specific to your needs and requirements.