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Ransomware Assessment Protection Service (RAPS) Solutions

Any organization, large or small, can be, and most likely will be, the victim of a cybersecurity-related incident. Automated tools used by hackers probe the Internet for vulnerable systems. Once a likely system is found, the tool launches an attack to exploit that vulnerability by engaging in a ransomware attack. In today’s interconnected world, information security testing on a frequent basis is now the new norm. FoxPointe Solutions, the Cybersecurity Division of The Bonadio Group, is introducing a multi-phased service line: Ransomware Assessment Protection Service (RAPS).

Why FoxPointe?

FoxPointe’s Ransomware Assessment Protection Services program is intended to assess and demonstrate just how protected you really are from a ransomware attack; how well your detection, prevention and recovery processes work, and where needed, what you can do to strengthen your cybersecurity posture and for ransomware protection.

Ransomware Assessment

This multi-phased ransomware assessment is based on the outcomes of the phases.  You move through the testing based on the successful exploitation of the prior phase.

  • Phase 1: Full Penetration Test
    Includes an Open Source (Dark Web) Network Intelligence (OSIN) report, external and internal penetration testing and a Phishing test.
  • Phase 2: Simulated Live Ransomware Attack
    This phase starts by working with the target to determine which hosts (workstations only) are potentially vulnerable to a ransomware attack. Once a foothold is gained, it can be utilized to launch the simulated ransomware outbreak.
  • Phase 3: Onsite Monitoring and Audit of Your Response Program
    When onsite, we will actively assess the identification of the ransomware attack and the process utilized for launching your CSIRP. We will monitor and audit Phase 3 through the final resolution of the attack.
  • Phase 4: Recovery Retest
    The Recover and Retest Phase would be engaged for a date and time to be defined as part of the close out reporting.

FoxPointe’s ransomware assessment professional reporting and electronic deliverables are phase-dependent, but are intended to include:

  • Penetration Testing detailed reports on the process and outcomes for external, internal, and Phishing testing and all OSINT data along with suggested remediation.
  • Detailed reporting on the efficacy of the CSIRP including lessons learned and recommendations for remediation.
  • An overall assessment of the readiness to respond to an advanced cyberattack.
  • A prioritized list of recommendations broken down by risk level and focus area.
  • Suggestions any findings where policies or procedures may be absent per focus area.