Executive Digital Footprint (EDF) Assessment

Full Analyzation of Your Digital Footprint

The Executive Digital Footprint (EDF) is a highly specialized white-glove assessment that provides a detailed online profile of an individual and his or her family. Our analysts pull as much individual-specific information as possible from the open source in order to create an accurate snapshot of the client’s online presence. Our PROSINT team analyzes this content in order to determine what publicly available data could be leveraged by adversaries to target a client or their family. While many executives may not be heavy users of the Internet and social media themselves, we often uncover malicious posts by adversaries and accidental data disclosures posted by family, friends, or other associates that could potentially put the client or their family at risk.

edf assesment

Digital Footprint Assessments

In addition to highlighting what information is publicly available and outlining the associated physical and digital risks, our EDF assessments also provide clear recommendations for eliminating, or otherwise reducing, the vulnerabilities that have been identified.

Our PROSINT analysts have performed hundreds of online assessments for dozens of Fortune 100 companies and organizations that are looking for security assessments for their C-level executives or board of directors. We have also performed these assessments for a significant number of athletes, celebrities, and other high net-worth individuals. As you can imagine, discretion is of the utmost importance during the creation, dissemination, and storage of the executive digital footprint assessments. We understand the level of trust it takes for a client to allow us to search for and find personal information about them and their families. This trust is something we take very seriously – our PROSINT analysts always uphold the highest level of both discretion and data security.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

“We were in need of a security officer who would understand our complex needs, help us troubleshoot and address areas of organizational risk in the technological arena, and instill the confidence that our systems and information were as secure as possible. The improvements in our security and the mitigation of risk were immediately appreciated.
Carl is an excellent partner, always honest and transparent regarding areas in need of improvement and provides essential professional guidance to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

I highly recommend FoxPointe for other organizations that want to ensure compliance and security with their Information Technology systems.”

Cindy Lee
CEO, OLV Human Services