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Privacy Reviews

We have solutions that allow your organization to comply with complex laws such as the GDPR, without investing in the cost of dedicated privacy professionals, tools, and oversight. You can choose to leave it to us.

Privacy Reviews

Consumers with new “data subject rights,” as well as regulatory authorities, can issue a privacy-related request to your organization.  This can trigger a cascade of compliance requirements, including a short window to respond, proper authentication, tracking, and documentation.

Our managed services offering focuses on having our professionals leverage technology to assume the processing of all privacy requests on behalf of your organization.  We provide custom privacy centers, where our professionals can receive data subject requests, leverage tools to integrate and automate data retrieval from your internal systems (including common third-party SaaS apps), and act upon the request through to closure.  We can also work with your vendors to ensure that they have procedures in place to respond to requests for which you are responsible.

Privacy Reviews

  • Privacy Impact Assessment – FoxPointe can work with you and your team to either facilitate or perform a privacy impact assessment (PIA) to help you identify key data privacy risks and controls.  Our specialists ensure that the PIA process is conducted efficiently, provide insight for case-specific alternatives and best practices, and educate you on how best to address your data privacy risks.

  • Data Inventory – We work with you to perform a detailed data inventory to identify collected pieces of personal data.  Our privacy specialists leverage technology to ensure an efficient approach to performing a dynamic data inventory that can be used to support ongoing regulatory compliance.

  • Privacy Program Assessment – A privacy program assessment means either reviewing an organization’s entire privacy program or ensuring implementation of an organization’s privacy principles into products and services right from the start of product development.  Our specialists can conduct privacy reviews for different products, services or an entire organization to help support regulatory compliance and data privacy

  • Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) – Many organizations cannot hire an in-house DPO to ensure that their organization is following data protection regulations.  The duties fulfilled by a DPO are diverse and can vary depending on the nature of the organization and business.  Responsibilities filled by a DPO focus on, but are not limited to, the analysis and supervision of compliance with data protection rules, communication and training, and board reporting.

    FoxPointe has privacy experts and processes in place to serve as your outsourced DPO, allowing you to run an effective privacy program, ensure compliance, receive high quality training for your personnel, report competently to your board of directors, and rest assured that it is all done correctly.


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